SOV-77305215-12-I1Model SOV-77305215-12-I1 is an E band Varactor tuned InP Gunn oscillator which operates at 76.5 GHz center frequency with output power +15 dBm and ± 0.25 GHz voltage tuning bandwidth. The bias condition of the VCO is at +10.0 volts and 200 mA typically. To achieve ± 250 MHz, a voltage capable of swinging from 0 to +20 Vdc is required.

The VCO also is supplied with an integrated isolator to further improve it anti- load pull capacity. While the oscillator exhibits moderate frequency stability, an optional heater can be installed to further improve the temperature performance with a single bias at +10 Vdc to supply heating power up to 5 W.

The Varactor tuned Gunn oscillator family also includes the models to cover K, Ka, V and W band.