Rosenberger has expanded its wide range of compact calibration kits so that it now provides a series of kits in common coaxial connector interfaces: RPC-2.92, RPC-3.50, RPC-N (50 Ω), RPC-N (75 Ω), 7-16, N, 4.3-10, and 4.1-9.5, each male and female.

These compact calibration kits combine all necessary calibration standards in one compact unit, which is small, easy to handle and light weight. The 3-in-1 calibration kits can be applied for complete MSO calibrations (open – short – load) of single port vector network analyzers, the 4-in-1 calibration kits can be used for complete MSOT calibrations (open – short – load - thru) of two or more port vector network analyzers.

Rosenberger also runs its own calibration laboratory accredited and controlled by the German accreditation body, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) in accordance with DIN EN 17025.