AceAxis has launched the Flexar platform for Remote Radio Units (RRU), which is claimed to offer an unprecedented level of modularity and flexibility for a variety of applications that include disaster recovery, hardened industrial radio networks, and ground-based and airborne transport, as well as small cells and macrocells.

Flexar builds on the rich heritage of AceAxis in the design and delivery of high performance radios to the cellular market, with over 70,000 units deployed in the last five years. Configurable for any frequency band in the range 400 MHz – 6 GHz, and with either FDD or TDD duplex schemes, Flexar has the ability to incorporate LTE-A carrier aggregation of up to four component carriers (4CC) and up to 8 x 8 MIMO.

“Traditionally radios are designed to order, and follow a lengthy development process, as well as requiring specialist installation,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of AceAxis. “We are committed to working towards open standards in the key areas of open interfaces, standard radio modules, test, and software, in order to reduce complexity and simplify radio, and launching Flexar is part of this strategy. By creating partnerships and challenging conventional design processes, as well as increasing volumes to lower costs, we believe that this will this help to open up the supply chain, enabling radios become a commodity item accessible to a wide range of customers.”