Anritsu Co. will host a connected car seminar for automotive professionals that will discuss technology innovations, their benefits and test requirements necessary to ensure their successful implementation in the new generation of automobiles. The Understanding the Technology Driving Connected and Autonomous Vehicles will be held at the CETECOM™ laboratories in Milpitas, Calif., December 8 and provide roadmaps on LTE-Advanced, 5G and vehicle to everything (V2X) technologies.

Leveraging Anritsu’s leadership position in connected car designs, this seminar will evaluate the current state of the market and the advances necessary to achieve the automotive industry’s goal of zero deaths from auto-related accidents by 2030. Anritsu experts will present the challenges faced when developing V2X technology, provide specific case analyses from the U.S., Europe and Japan, as well as demonstrate the latest test solutions to verify these systems.

Among the topics to be addressed during the full-day seminar are advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), RADAR and other wireless systems required to develop accurate autonomous vehicle operation in varying environmental conditions, as well as the future of 5G and LTE-Advanced in connected car systems. Presentations will demonstrate some of the potential uses, frequency bands and roadmaps for 5G, as well as efforts made by 3GPP standards committees to develop specifications. LTE-Advanced implementations in both networks and chipsets as well as the importance for automakers to invest in LTE technology to provide the most up-to-date connectivity will also be part of the seminar.

The seminar is geared towards engineers at automotive OEMs, as well as those developing chipsets, modules, and systems used in connected cars. Learn more and register today at the connected car seminar page.

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