FL227Mini-Circuits’ ZX10-2-1252+ is a coaxial, ultra-wideband 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner providing RF input power handling up to 1.85 W as a splitter and 0.7 dB insertion loss for an extremely wide range of  applications from 1800 to 12500 MHz.

Its outstanding combination of low loss and low unbalance make this model an excellent choice for distributing signals in systems where efficient transmission of signal power is needed.

The splitter/combiner comes housed in a rugged, compact case (0.74 x 0.90 x 0.54") with SMA connectors.

 Key Features



Ultra-wideband, 1800 to 12500 MHz

ZX10-2-1252+ supports bandwidth requirements for a wide variety of applications including broadband applications such as instrumentation and defense.

Low insertion loss, 0.7 dB

Provides excellent transmission of signal power, making this model an excellent candi­date for signal distribution applications where low loss is a requirement.

Low amplitude unbalance, 0.1 dB

Produces nearly equal output signals, ideal for parallel path / multichannel systems.

DC passing up to 400mA

Supports applications where DC power is needed through the RF line.

Rugged, unibody construction

Mini-Circuits’ unibody construction integrates the RF connector into the case body, providing high reliability and excellent survivability in critical applications.

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