Ampleon announced the opening of its RF Energy Competence Center in Hefei, PRC. The company is recognized as a leader in the RF Energy market and continues to invest in the emerging use of this technology. While RF energy covers a broad range of applications (domestic and professional cooking, heating and drying, ignition and lighting), the new competence center’s current focus is on solid-state cooking.

Key to the success of solid state cooking in both consumer and professional applications is providing white goods manufacturers with local integration and application support. Ampleon closely works with leading companies in this market, having their design and production sites in China. As the Hefei region is already recognised as a major centre for scientific research in China, Ampleon chose this location to establish their RF Energy Competence Centre, headed by Vincent Frequin, director of Ampleon RF Energy Competence Center.

“According to industry reports, RF Energy markets, including solid-state cooking and plasma lighting, could exceed the traditional RF Power markets by 2020”, says Reinier Beltman, CEO of Ampleon. “For over 5 years we have been leading the development of RF energy with key players in the industry establishing ourselves as thought leaders in this area. We support the RF Energy markets through a combination of RF power transistors with leading performance/cost ratios, providing full application support through a deep system understanding and engineering support as well as the ability to ramp products quickly and reliable in volume production. Having a dedicated Competence Center for RF Energy with a team of talented experts is certainly a benefit for our customers.”

Ampleon has co-founded the RF Energy Alliance with its mission to “standardize, promote and educate target audiences in solid state RF energy systems as heating and power generators.” This will enable us to develop the associated markets with current and future partners and customers.

Photo of the ribbon-cutting ceremony (left to right): Brighten Li (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ampleon) , Reinier Beltman (CEO, Ampleon), Wang Xiang (Vice Mayor,  City of Hefei), Anneke Adema (Dutch Consul-General, Shanghai), Song Daojun (Head of Hefei HighTech Industrial Development Zone).

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