For small devices in the 433 MHz ISM band, Antenova Ltd has added the Inca (part no SRFI028) antenna to its flexiiANT FPC range. The antenna measures 101.0 mm x 20.0 mm x 0.15 mm, and weighs 0.5 g, with a peak gain of 2.80 dBi. It is suitable for any small electronic device in the 433 MHz band, typically remote monitoring, robot control, smart meters, home automation and medical devices.

It can also be used with low power wireless modules, as the 433 MHz band is increasingly being chosen for IoT applications that exploit the longer range that can be achieved with this frequency. It is a flexible antenna, which gives product designers a number of options. It can be folded or placed flat and can be placed within the housing of quite small devices.

It comes with an I-PEX connector in a choice of three cable lengths, 100 mm, 150 mm or 200 mm, and has a peel-back self-adhesive backing to fix it in place. This means that the antenna can easily be placed in a design, in the desired position, and antennas can be retro-fitted to earlier designs. Inca (SRFI028) is supplied in packs of 100 for convenience and quick delivery.