Keysight Technologies has collaborated with Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI) to create a 1.5 THz measurement solution for Chalmers University of Technology, a leading research university located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Already up and running in Chalmers’ national laboratory for terahertz characterization, this industry-first solution provides network and spectrum analysis capabilities for research on new materials, devices, and circuits for applications at microwave, millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave frequencies.

Chalmers’ researchers are working in the terahertz gap between radio waves and infrared light. The measurement equipment from Keysight Technologies provides new capabilities that are enhancing their work with free-space, on-wafer and waveguide measurements in the terahertz gap.

The system is built around the Keysight PNA-X microwave network analyzer, which covers 10 MHz to 67 GHz and reaches 1.5 THz with external extension modules from VDI. Achieving insightful understanding of device performance and behavior requires network and spectrum measurements, and the PNA family is claimed to be the first to provide integrated spectrum analysis capability that reaches into the terahertz range. The ability to access both capabilities in a single test setup and make multiple measurements through one set of connections saves time and enhances insight.

“Working in concert with VDI, we’re proud to be Chalmers’ solution provider of choice for terahertz network and spectrum measurements,” said Gregg Peters, vice president of Keysight’s Aerospace & Defense Solutions Group. “As we keep reaching higher in frequency, our history of innovation will continue to enable new breakthroughs in science and technology.”

“We are pleased to provide this premier research institution with extension modules that enable world-class science and engineering,” added Tom Crowe, president and CEO of VDI. “It’s another example of our ongoing work to open the terahertz spectrum for commercial and scientific applications.”