At the IFA 2016 show in Berlin last week, NXP announced it is supplying a 300 W LDMOS power transistor for Midea's new solid-state microwave oven. Midea is a major consumer household appliance manufacturer in China.

According to NXP's press release, "NXP RF cooking technology delivers perfectly even-heated food with no cold or hot spots." The Midea oven uses NXP’s MHT1004N, a 32 V LDMOS power transistor developed for consumer and commercial cooking appliances.

NXP and Midea state that solid-state technology "enables greater control over the heating process and allows the Midea appliance to control energy in a closed loop manner for evenly heated food." The consistency of the technology supports "smart features" for internet-connected appliances.

In March, Ampleon announced that it was collaborating with Midea to develop a solid-state oven using Ampleon's LDMOS power transistors. The oven in that press release looked similar to this one.

Midea solid-state microwave oven.
Midea solid-state oven. NXP or Ampleon inside?