AWR Corp. announced the availability of NXP Semiconductor's sixth- and seventh-generation laterally-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) power transistor library for AWR’s Microwave Office® design software. The NXP LDMOS power transistor library is ideal for use by designers of high-power power amplifiers (PA) found within base station broadcast and microwave applications due to its power efficiency and linearity.

"We continue to see increasing demand for the availability of our highly accurate LDMOS power transistor models for use within AWR’s Microwave Office software," said Mark Murphy, Director of Marketing for the RF Power & Base Stations product line at NXP Semiconductors. "This latest-generation release of our model library enables customers to examine the performance of packaged NXP devices as part of their Microwave Office design flow which in turn leads to better PA design topologies, more-confident component selections, and shorter design cycles."

"NXP's silicon RF LDMOS technology is world-renowned for its unprecedented performance," said Chris Paris, AWR Director of European operations. "As such, we were ready to work with them in the development of the model library to better service and support our mutual customers. Simply put, the combination of the Microwave Office software with NXP models enables PA designers to realize better designs."