MVG has designed and developed an innovative line of antennas for EMC and, more specifically for EMI testing. The new line of EMC Antennas will include a biconical antenna, a log-periodic array, a log/biconical hybrid and several dual-ridge horns to cover various frequency bands from 20 MHz to 40 GHz, applicable to various EMC product standards.

The first product of this line is a Dual Ridge Horn, the EH118, which will operate from 1-18 GHz. It has a balanced, smooth antenna factor curve that extends up to 18 GHz. It is applicable for commercial, military and automotive test standards and will include applicable calibrations.

These new EMC Dual Ridge Horn Antennas, which are claimed to enable more accurate test results and allow detection of lower level emissions will be showcased at EMC Europe in Wroclaw on 5th to 9th September. The company will also be showing its most recent EMC absorbers.