Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology announced that Verkotan laboratory has recently selected Anite’s Propsim F32 Channel Emulator to enable faster MIMO OTA testing in Verkotan’s advanced wireless performance laboratory.

Based in Finland, the laboratory includes a state-of-the art anechoic chamber large enough to test laptops as well as base stations aimed for deployment in 5G networks. Verkotan works closely with major mobile operators and manufacturers of wireless equipment, including wearables, seeking to outsource its testing needs to a high-end laboratory equipped to handle a wide range of testing requirements such as those mandated by CTIA.

Anite’s Propsim F32 enables Verkotan to verify that mobile devices with the latest technology features, including multiple antenna configurations and carrier aggregation, perform as expected. In August last year, CTIA released a standardised MIMO OTA performance test plan, which many manufacturers and mobile operators aim to conform with to ensure high levels of end-user experience.

Propsim’s FAST-OTA capability enables Verkotan to accelerate MIMO OTA testing of mobile devices by more than ten times compared to conventional testing methods. Anite’s Propsim F32 Channel Emulator is the only single unit channel emulator that supports the minimum requirement of eight dual polarized antennas for MIMO OTA testing in an anechoic chamber. It can be expanded to support 16 dual polarized antennas (required for testing larger devices), making it a future-proof solution for upcoming technologies and device formats.

Kari Komonen, CEO of Verkotan, “As a key standard in the mobile industry, MIMO OTA is vital to our growth potential. We selected Anite and its FAST MIMO OTA capability as our preferred supplier of channel emulation solutions to enable us to speed up MIMO OTA R&D and CTIA pre-certification testing.”

Paul Beaver, Products Director at Anite’s Device & Infrastructure Testing business commented, “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Verkotan, once part of a large European OEM. Their selection of Propsim underlines how much one of the world’s most advanced MIMO OTA laboratories values channel emulation solutions with leading propagation characteristics for accurate and quick verification of devices.”