Sivers IMA has reached an agreement with Shanghai Matrix Electronic Co. Ltd. to act as its reseller for the Chinese market. Matrix Electronic is a Shanghai based company with several sales branches at key locations throughout the country. It is one of the leading millimeter-wave product resellers in China as well as a systems integrator in the micro and millimeter-wave field.

Since the start Matrix Electronics has worked with many key research institutes and manufacturers from Europe and the USA. The company has helped them launch cutting edge technical solutions like components, instruments and systems into the Chinese market. China is an emerging millimeter-wave market with global radio link manufacturers and many ongoing R&D projects regarding radar sensor technologies

“The Chinese market is very interesting and provides a significant addressable market for us. After having done a review of potential resellers I am therefore very pleased with our choice of moving forward with Matrix Electronic. With their expertise as well as network in this business they have an excellent platform from which to take both our radar sensor products and our converters to market. I am convinced that this is the start of a long and fruitful partnership for both parties.” said Robert Ekström, CEO at Sivers IMA.

“We are very excited about the product portfolio that Sivers IMA has and the road map they are implementing. We believe the market potential is significant in China for this kind of technology and our talented teams are eager to take this to market. I look forward to working with the Sivers IMA team to turn this partnership into a success,” said Phil Nan, CEO of Matrix Electronic.