Anritsu Co., the industry leader in field spectrum analysis tools, introduced the MS27100A Spectrum Monitoring Module that brings Anritsu’s field-proven, industry leading RF spectrum analysis technology to OEM applications. Engineers designing systems to locate illegal and unlicensed interfering signals within wireless networks can integrate the MS27100A into their custom hardware to achieve a cost-efficient, highly accurate tool primarily for security, aerospace, and defense applications.

The MS27100A provides a high-performance RF engine in an extremely compact form factor, allowing it to be easily designed into any spectrum analysis system. Engineers can write their own monitoring program applications using available SCPI commands to provide customization and flexibility. The MS27100A also features an IF frequency output so proprietary algorithms can be used for further processing.

Covering the 9 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, the MS27100A is capable of sweeping at rates up to 24 GHz/s, allowing many types of signals, including periodic or transient transmissions as well as short “bursty” signals, to be captured. The OEM board features high dynamic range of > 106 dB normalized to 1 Hz bandwidth, as well as high sensitivity and low spurious signals. It has DANL of < -150 dBm referenced to 1 Hz bandwidth with the preamp on and phase noise of -99 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz. The high performance enables the probe to reliably distinguish between low-level signals being observed and those generated by the board.

Each pair of IQ data output provided by the MS27100A is time-stamped using high-precision GPS signals. This capability makes the OEM board well suited for designs used in Time Distance of Arrival (TDOA) applications that require geo-locating signal positions.

As are all Anritsu field spectrum analysis tools, the MS27100A can withstand extreme environmental conditions. An integrated web server is embedded into each spectrum analysis probe for remote power cycling, automated system recovery protocols and secure firmware updates so it can be deployed up to thousands of kilometers from the control center.

Users from anywhere in the world can log in to the MS27100A via an Internet browser and control its features, including frequency setting, RBW/VBW control, and reference level configuration. Simultaneously, trace data, spectrograms and other measurements can be viewed inside the browser window.

In the event of an application error or power fluctuation that causes an ongoing interruption in monitor communication, a re-boot policy is implemented to bring the remote probe back to its previous state. Each MS27100A also features a “Golden” firmware image that can restore full operation of the probe if the existing firmware is corrupted for any reason.