Ampleon announced the availability of the BLCU188XRS, a 1400W, CW capable, high power extremely rugged transistor constructed in a thermally optimized air cavity ACP3 copper flanged plastic package. Able to withstand extremely load mismatches, up to a VSWR > 65:1, this Gen6 HV 50 V LDMOS device has a 30 percent better thermal resistance (R,th) compared to a traditional air cavity ceramic packaged transistor, and combined with its high efficiency, requires less stringent cooling requirements.

The BLCU188XRS has unmatched input and output making it suitable for a wide variety of applications including FM and VHF TV broadcast, industrial, scientific and medical RF power generators. It is suitable for any RF power application in the 10 MHz to 600 MHz range.

The device also has a number of parameters that contribute to it offering excellent reliability characteristics for the end application. These include a higher BVDSS breakdown voltage, improved parasitic bipolar breakdown, and an improved Class C operation due to a new ESD-diode structure that has a larger negative voltage range. Also, the device offers good stability and spurious behaviour at a VSWR > 90:1.

The BLCU188XRS is currently sampling with general availability due in Q3, 2016.

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