365CT000RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for the 365CT000, 40 A pulsed switch from XSYSTOR, Inc.  

The 365CT000 offers easy integration of GaN amplifiers in high speed, pulsed power systems. These CMOS, complementary MOSFET switches have clocked speeds of <200 nSec for rise and fall times. Allowing source and drain voltages from 28 to 80 V, the XSYSTOR switch is compatible with standard and high voltage GaN amplifiers and transistors. Operating temperature is specified for -40 to 85 degrees C but will withstand 175 degrees C with derated voltage and current capacity.

The 365CT000 is offered in a small, 23 x 27 mm, castellated SMT package allowing it to be placed on or near the voltage supply line’s RF choke.

XSYSTOR also offers inverting and non-inverting voltage controllers and sequencers for GaN implementations.

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