15th 392P0000

RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for the 392P0000, 12 Amp pulsed switch from XSYSTOR Inc. The 392P0000 MOS type switch is placed between the drain choke of the GaN transistor and power supply. It works with XSYSTOR 100 and 200 series controllers to protect, operate, and modulate the GaN device.

The unit is rated for drain voltages from 28 to 80 V with very-low Rds ON. The I/O ports of this tiny switch are castellated for solder joints at 0.05” pitch, and the module can be placed in any direction of RF flow for easy integration of GaN amplifiers in high speed, pulsed power systems. Clock speed rise and fall times are as fast as <200 nSec. Operating temperature is specified for -40 to 85 degrees C but will withstand 175 degrees C with derated voltage and current capacity.

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