Modelithics Inc., the industry leader in simulation models for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave devices, is pleased to report that the Electrical Engineering department at Chalmers University has adopted the Modelithics® COMPLETE Library and the Modelithics® Qorvo GaN Library for use in multiple electronics design courses. Chalmers University is one of Europe’s leading educational institutions in the field of high frequency electronic design instruction and research. The models will be used in the undergraduate “Analog Electronics Design” class in which students must complete a passive or active circuit design project. Dr. Christian Fager of the Chalmers Microwave Electronics Laboratory stated, “With access to Modelithics extensive and accurate models, we expect students to gain a better understanding of the true behavior and limitations of real RF components and circuits.”

The libraries are also planned to be used in the masters-level course “Active Microwave Circuits”. In this class, students design, build and measure amplifier circuits. Dr. Fager commented, “With access to accurate models for active and passive devices, we ensure best correspondence between measurements and simulations. With good models, the students will see a better connection between their circuit design work and the results that they observe in experiments.” Students from bachelor to Ph.D.-level will have access to the models for class and thesis work.

Modelithics has special arrangements for use of its high accuracy model libraries for educational purposes as part of the Modelithics University program. The university library contains a comprehensive collection of all types of active and passive models, including Modelithics unique and highly scalable Microwave Global Models™. Access to Modelithics libraries for university use can be requested by filling out a form located on the Modelithics website: The Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library contains many models for both die-format and packaged Qorvo GaN power transistor products. This library is sponsored by Qorvo for free use by approved universities and companies. The GaN library can be requested by following the instructions on the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) page for Qorvo:  

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