SMP1331-085LFRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for two Skyworks Inc. high power, PIN diodes suitable for T/R and attenuator applications. The SMP1331-085LF (shunt connected) and SMP1331-087LF (series connected) diodes are capable of handling 50 W CW power in a shunt connected switch configuration. Large signal attenuator applications ranging from 10 MHz to beyond 6 GHz are also possible.

Typical resistance for the SMP1331-085LF and SMP1331-087LFis 0.50 Ω at 100 mA and the maximum capacitance is 0.35 pF at 30 V. The low capacitance, low parasitic inductance devices are ideal for use in land mobile radios and infrastructure systems.

Both Skyworks diodes are offered in a low profile, ultra-miniature QFN 2 x 2 x 1 mm package.      

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