Anritsu Co. and DVT Solutions will demonstrate an integrated test solution that can conduct high-quality S-parameter measurements as well as time domain analysis on high-speed printed circuit boards (PCBs), packages and backplanes in the Anritsu DesignCon 2016 booth (#717). The configuration featuring the Anritsu VectorStar® Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and the DVT PCB probing solution addresses the market need to accurately and efficiently perform signal integrity tests on products used in emerging communications systems.

The solution combines the GigaProbe DVT70A differential, 50-Ohm variable pitch probe tip from DVT with the Anritsu MS4640B 4-port VectorStar VNA. Due to the overall performance of VectorStar, the system shown at DesignCon has exceptional calibration and measurement stability, wide frequency range of 70 kHz to 70 GHz, best-in-class power range and control, and optimum on-wafer installation.

“The integration of the DVT probe system with our VectorStar VNA at DesignCon allows us to showcase the S-parameter data as well time domain analysis necessary to verify today’s PC boards, packages and backplanes. The high-quality, and low- and high-frequency performance of VectorStar can now be realized up to 70 GHz in a differential probing solution,” said Paul Innis, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company.

“Design engineers that need to verify performance based on the latest high-speed standards require test solutions that deliver reliable and accurate results. Our DVT probe system allows the full capability of VectorStar to be achieved, so engineers have greater confidence in their designs,” said Brian Shumaker, President, DVT Solutions, LLC.

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