Huawei, together with Saudi Telecom Co. (STC) has successfully demonstrated the latest 4.5G (TDD+) technologies, achieving unprecedented network throughputs, which will enable STC network to deliver the fastest LTE data rates in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. STC proved, for the first time, that its network will be capable of delivering tremendously higher user throughput, exceeding 1.59 Gbps, as part of its 4.5G network development.

Since its introduction, STC 4G network has witnessed tremendous growth in data traffic, coupled to the sharp rise in the number of LTE subscribers and high utilization of the network. This necessitated the need to increase the data throughputs in the network. The use of data hungry applications has also fuelled the need for much higher rates and network capacity.

For this new milestone, STC has presented the first successful 4.5G (TDD+) trial delivering network speeds that have not been possible until now. This will contribute to the increase in STC’s market capabilities in the Kingdom and will support its declared strategy of being first to develop the most advanced network solutions and services to its customers.

Nasser Al Nasser, SVP for Technology & Operations, STC said, “It is great to witness such outstanding achievements accomplished in cooperation with Huawei, one of our closest strategy partners. This exceptional milestone will have great positive implications on network capabilities and the service experience enjoyed by our deserving customers. We look forward to realizing the real value of this achievement in the STC network and as a direct benefit to the user. These remarkable successes and achievements will ensure STC’s position as a leader in technology in the Middle East and beyond. This will also open the way for the network market to seek even higher throughputs and better service”.

Veni Shone, VP of Wireless Network, Huawei, said, “Data traffic is surging globally, we need to explore ways to realize the great benefits from 4.5G (TDD+). This promises to be the best available technology, with outstanding performance coupled to convenient backward compatibility, we are happy to work together with STC, a Middle East leader, to bring the benefits to all STC customers.”