Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, announced the launch of its Class 4 microwave antenna line.  Its Class 4 antennas provide the market’s best RF performance and allow mobile operators to deploy new microwave links even in ultra-dense areas where high levels of interference are present.

RFS already offers high quality ETSI Class 3 antenna options, which remain sufficient for most of today’s network scenarios. The addition of Class 4 antennas will allow RFS customers to offer the highest performance in even the most congested environments.

“While high quality Class 3 antennas suffice in most networks, in some scenarios fixed and mobile operators have deployed poorer quality antennas to stay within price constraints,” said Emmanuel Saint-Dizier, product management and strategy director, RFS. “These are often classified as Class 3 in their datasheets but present deviations that spoil the spectrum, the consequence being that only Class 4 antennas can then be used. RFS is pleased to have both high quality Class 3 antennas and now Class 4 antennas to support all of our customers’ needs.”

“High-precision antennas like RFS’ Class 4 line enable mobile operators to make the most of the limited spectrum they have available, which is essential to supporting the demands of today and anticipating the even greater traffic demands of tomorrow in some areas,” continued  Saint-Dizier. “True Class 3 antennas will remain sufficient in many markets, but Class 4 antennas are becoming a worthwhile investment in order to future-proof networks for increased traffic demands where congestion is of paramount concern.”

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