Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new family of zero-biased waveguide detectors that exhibit leading performance in Ka, Q, U, V, E and W frequency bands. These waveguide detectors are commonly used in aerospace, defense and commercial wireless applications used in instrumentation, power detection, power monitoring, direct detection receivers, high frequency communications, radar, SATCOM, point-to-point radio, telecom, data links and R&D.

Fairview’s portfolio of waveguide detectors consists of 6 models covering broad frequencies from 26.5 to 110 GHz. The new waveguide detectors from Fairview Microwave are all zero-biased, so no external DC bias or mechanical tuning is required. The detector circuitry utilizes high performance GaAs Schottky Barrier Beam lead diodes with very low junction capacitance. These detector designs perform with minimal sensitivity variation resulting in a flat frequency response across the entire waveguide band.
The input ports are available with waveguide sizes ranging from WR-28 to WR-10, while the video output ports utilize SMA female connectors. The packages are designed with rugged steel construction and are thermally stable. These detectors offer negative output voltage polarity for a variety of applications. Typical voltage sensitivity levels range from -600 mV/mW to -3000 mV/mW. Performance is guaranteed over 0°C to +50°C.

“Our latest portfolio of high performance waveguide detectors are a great addition to our growing families of waveguide components,” explains Brian McCutcheon, Vice President and General Manager at Fairview Microwave. “We now carry one of the largest selections of in-stock waveguide components in the industry providing our customer a broad and diverse product selection to help solve all of their application needs.”

Fairview’s new waveguide detectors are now in-stock and available to ship today. You can view these new waveguide components by visiting http://www.fairviewmicrowave.com/rf-products/waveguide-detectors.html directly. Fairview Microwave can be contacted at +1-972-649-6678.