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Fairview Microwave releases new lines of flexible waveguides

Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new portfolio of flexible waveguides operating up to 40 GHz over nine popular frequency bands. These new flexible waveguides, also known as “flexguides”, are most commonly deployed as a pliable signal conduit in misaligned waveguide systems where traditional rigid waveguide sections are no longer possible to use.

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Anritsu expands waveguide mixer series to support mmWave measurement

Anritsu Corp. released its new high performance waveguide mixer MA2806A to expand millimeter wave measurement solutions. Connecting the new MA2806A to Anritsu’s signal analyzer MS2830A supports spectrum measurements in the 50  to 75 GHz Band (V-Band) currently used by various millimeter wave sensors, WiGig Gigabit Wireless LAN (802.11ad), and broadcast video camera streaming equipment.

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New flexible waveguides from Pasternack operate to 40 GHz over 9 frequency bands

Pasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, expands their waveguide product portfolio with the addition of new flexible waveguides that operate up to 40 GHz over nine frequency bands. This offering consists of 36 unique models of flexible waveguide twists ranging in size from WR-137 (as low as 5.85 GHz) to WR-28 (up to 40 GHz).

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