Gapwaves announced a new collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors to develop 3D waveguide antenna solutions based on NXP’s SAF85xx, an industry-first 28 nm RFCMOS radar one-chip IC for next-generation advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems, and Gapwaves proprietary waveguide antenna technology. The collaboration aims to enable unprecedented levels of radar detection range and field of view performance.     

SAF85xx is a high performance one-chip solution for automotive radar applications with four transmitters and four receivers, available in a package option with integrated launcher-in-package, suitable for direct coupling to Gapwaves waveguide antennas. The combination of this powerful radar one-chip IC together with Gapwaves waveguide antenna significantly reduces coupling losses and thereby enables high performance radar sensors with extended detection range, improved object separation and better ability to detect and classify small objects.

Gapwaves patented waveguide technology combines extremely low losses with market leading cost-efficiency for high production volumes. This results in unique advantages compared to traditional transmission line and waveguide technologies. The technology is based on an artificial magnetic conductor surface that enables propagation of electromagnetic waves in contactless artificial waveguide structures. This is the key to designing high performance waveguide antenna structures with a high degree of flexibility using well-established high volume production processes.

Gapwaves CEO Jonas Ehinger commented, “We are proud to partner with NXP as this collaboration underscores the power and potential of the Gapwaves waveguide antenna solution. Our antennas are a key component enabling cost effective and high performing radar sensors for the automotive market. It is a strong opportunity for Gapwaves and our customers, as the results of this collaboration will enable shorter time-to-market in a cost-efficient way to meet the requirements of increased autonomous driving and driver assistance solutions.”