Gapwaves has announced a collaboration with Uhnder to develop a high resolution radar for a last mile autonomous delivery vehicle.

Gapwaves has developed a novel waveguide antenna technology for mmWave applications such as automotive radar and 5G telecom. Its gap waveguide technology achieves the low loss of waveguide and is compatible with high volume, cost-effective manufacturing. For automotive radar applications, its antenna provides a wide field of view and high isolation. which has garnered industry interest and license agreements with tier 1 automotive radar manufacturers.

Uhnder has developed a unique digital radar-on-chip (RoC), combining advanced CMOS with digital code modulation. Its 4D digitally modulated radar IC integrates 192 virtual channels, providing high contrast resolution to improve range and angular resolution. This enables the radar to separate small reflectors from nearby large reflectors, leading to more accurate and safe reaction times than current automotive radar technology. The Uhnder RoC also has low susceptibility to interference, a concern as the number of vehicles with radars and radars on each vehicle increase.

Gapwaves’ waveguide antennas will integrate well with Uhnder’s RoC. Together, the two companies plan to offer a radar with higher resolution and signal-to-noise ratio in a compact form factor.

”Uhnder is breaking new ground with their RoC and 4D radar solution, and we are really excited to be part of that. We are already familiar with the high interest for these products from the automotive industry. Now we also see new markets expanding with need for innovative mmWave radar applications,” said Gapwaves CEO Lars-Inge Sjöqvist.

“Gapwaves is a leader in millimeter waveguide antennas and combines some of the most advanced technology for low losses, compact form factors and transitions with sophisticated materials and manufacturing process,” said Uhnder CEO Manju Hegde.