Freescale Semiconductor  introduced a new RF power transistor designed to deliver the benefits of solid-state RF power generation to a broad range of systems operating at 2450 MHz. Engineered to replace magnetrons and other vacuum tube-era technologies, the MRF7S24250N delivers exceptional precision, control and reliability for manufacturers of products  targeting industrial applications such as heating/drying, material welding, and plasma lighting systems; as well as medical applications used for skin treatment, bloodless surgery and cancer treatment.

The MRF7S24250N supports accurate power control over the full dynamic range, up to 250 W, enabling greater ease of use than industrial magnetrons. The possibility to shift frequencies and phases opens the door to new use cases where RF energy can be directed only where needed. In addition, the transistor offers advantages inherent to solid-state equipment such as the potential to operate for hundreds of thousands of hours with no performance degradation over time, while delivering a consistent power level that virtually eliminates the need to interrupt the target system for periodic maintenance.

The new 32 V RF power LDMOS transistor can deliver 250 W CW (continuous wave) with 14.5 dB of gain and 55 percent efficiency. It is built on the same plastic packaging technology as the previously announced MRFE6VP61K25N, MRFE6VP6600N and MRF8VP13350N transistors, with up to 30 percent lower thermal resistance than industry-standard air-cavity ceramic transistor packages. This allows the transistor to be operated at a lower junction temperature, while reducing heat dissipation requirements to help lower the overall system cost.

Easing the Transition to Solid-State Power

The MRF7S24250N is supported by Freescale’s new RF Power Tool, which eases access to solid-state RF technology without the need for an expensive rack of test equipment or extensive RF technical knowledge. This PC-driven tool operates both as a signal generator and as a measurement bench that provides 10 data points, including transistor temperature and reflected power.

“The reliability and enhanced control advantages of solid-state RF power transistors have long been understood, but until now, industrial system designers lacked the tools that make it easy to deploy and fully leverage them,” said Pierre Piel, head of RF Industrial Operations for Freescale’s RF business. “Our new tools augment Freescale’s leading-edge components, delivering tremendous value to our customers in terms of time to market and development costs.”


The MRF7S24250N is in full production and a reference circuit is available, along with an RF power amplifier module compatible with the RF Power Tool. For sampling and pricing information, please contact Freescale Semiconductor, a local Freescale sales office, or an authorized distributor. For more information about Freescale’s transistors, visit For more information about the RF Power Tool, visit