Anritsu Co. announces PCTEST Engineering Laboratory Inc. has acquired all elements of Anritsu’s leading LTE Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) test portfolio, including eMBMS RF Performance test cases on Anritsu’s ME7873L RF/RRM Conformance Test System (CTS) as well as Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT) and Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) test cases on the ME7834L Mobile Device Test Platform (MDTP). Through the Anritsu test solutions, PCTEST now has the capability to support all elements of acceptance testing for mobile devices designed and manufactured for LTE networks supporting new eMBMS services, enabling OEMs to launch these products on schedule.

“The Anritsu ME7873L and ME7834L provide the broadest and best overall eMBMS test coverage to help us meet conformance and carrier acceptance test requirements,” said Randy Ortanez, PCTEST president. “The proven reliability and dependability of the Anritsu solutions for testing is unsurpassed in the industry.”

“Anritsu is pleased to work with PCTEST in support of the industry’s efforts towards the successful rollout of eMBMS,” said Wade Hulon, president of Anritsu Co. “PCTEST recognizes that Anritsu has been at the forefront of LTE and in developing test instruments for emerging technologies. Anritsu will continue to introduce advanced solutions throughout 2015 and in the years ahead as part of our commitment to meet the needs of mobile device manufacturers.”

The ME7873L RF/RRM CTS and ME7834L MDTP are scalable GCF, PTCRB, and carrier-validated test systems that enable certification of LTE devices to industry and carrier standards. The ME7873L provides test coverage for 3GPP 36.521-1 (TX, RX, and Performance), 36.521-3 (Radio Resource Management – RRM) and carrier-specific Supplementary RF/RRM test packages. The ME7834L provides test coverage for 3GPP 36.523, as well as a wide portfolio of CAT test plans, including leading eMBMS coverage for a large North American operator. The ME7873L and ME7834L, as well as sister test platforms ME7873LA and ME7834LA, provide industry-leading LTE-Advanced coverage, including 2CA and 3CA test cases for both inter- and intra-band CA with MIMO.

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