Visit Intercept Technololgy at IMS2015, May 17-22 at Booth # 948 for a look at the company's ADS Board Link interface. It uses Keysight's ABL format to import schematic and layout information, in tandem with a library of ADS models in Intercept format.The combined information is imported into Intercept's Mozaix schematic, and then annotated from Mozaix to Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF for layout. Layout changes can then be annotated back to Mozaix and exported to ADS for further analysis.

The bidirectional link also includes the ability for fully intelligent blocks with hierarchy to be passed seamlessly between the products, allowing simulated circuits to be reused any number of times in layout. For demonstrations, visit Intercept at Booth # 948 in the Phoenix Convention Center.

Pricing & Availability

Intercept's RF design products and ADS interface are available for purchase with Pantheon, Intercept's PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design application, and Mozaix, Intercept's schematic design applciation. All Intercept products are available to customers on Linux and Windows platforms. For more information visit Intercept at, contact Intercept by phone at 404.352.0111 or email