AMCAD Engineering, a supplier of new RF & Microwave solutions for advanced design, announced the launch of its STAN tool University Program.

The goal of the STAN tool University Program is to support educational institutions and academic research groups with software donations for qualified programs. By making STAN tool readily available for instruction and academic research, AMCAD is helping students to go a step further in their design projects in terms of creativity and innovation.

STAN tool offers a revolutionary stability analysis technique of microwave circuits, valid for small-signal and large-signal regimes. This technique is able to detect and determine the nature of oscillations, such as parametric oscillations in power amplifier that can be for example function of the input drive signal. Knowledge of the type of oscillation mode facilitates the insertion of stabilization networks, with a better balance between the required oscillation avoidance and maintaining the original circuit performances.

Compatible with commercial CAD tools for microwave circuit design, STAN tool user-friendly and efficient interface give users a great ability to analyse linear and non-linear stability of their design in an intuitive manner.

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