Anritsu Co. introduces the MN4765B O/E Calibration Module for its MS4640B Series VectorStar® vector network analyzers (VNAs) that creates a cost-effective and flexible solution for measuring 40 Gb/s components and transceivers. Serving as an optical receiver, the MN4765B allows engineers to use the MS4640B Series to perform highly accurate and stable optoelectronic measurements on laser modulators and photo-receivers during R&D and manufacturing. The MN4765B can also be used with the VNA to characterize optical transmitters, receivers, and transceivers.

Magnitude and phase characterization is obtained using a primary standard characterized by NIST and conducted in the Anritsu calibration lab. The result is improved measurement uncertainty when the MN4765B is used with VectorStar across the VNA’s wide 70 kHz to 70 GHz frequency range. The MS4640B Series VectorStar VNAs, when calibrated using the MN4765B module, enable error-corrected transfer function, group delay, and return loss measurements of E/O and O/E components and subsystems.

The MN4765B module is thermally stabilized to eliminate drift in photodiode performance over temperature, and is designed with additional circuitry for temperature and bias stability. The InGaAs photodiode has exceptional bandwidth response to 70 GHz and a typical responsivity of 0.7 Amps/Watt.

The MN4765B module complements the overall performance of the MS4640B VectorStar VNA, which offers the broadest coverage in a single instrument, 70 kHz to 70 GHz, and can extend coverage to 145 GHz in a broadband configuration.The MS4640B VNA also has superior dynamic range of up to 142 dB.

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