Translator Program
The model D2G Windows '95-/NT-based DXF™-to-Gerber™ translator incorporates view and edit functions such as scaling, mirroring, rotation or addition of text. The user is able to import files, view and edit before outputting Gerber files. Price: $495. Delivery: stock.
T-Tech Inc.,
Atlanta, GA
(770) 455-0676.

Fixture Characterization and S-parameter Measurement Software
The model MT956D version 2.0 software greatly expands S-parameter measurement capabilities and supports most Hewlett-Packard, Anritsu/Wiltron and other vector network analyzers. The program simplifies network analyzer measurements required to accurately determine the S parameters of both halves of a device test fixture, and allows de-embedded network analyzer measurements using the test fixture S-parameter files. The software provides the ability to make swept bias S-parameter measurements using GPIB-controlled bias supplies. S-parameter files can be displayed in many different formats and converted easily to spreadsheet or screen capture files.
Maury Microwave Corp.,
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715.

CDMA Automated Test Software
The model CATS-98A automated test software integrates the company's model WIS-98A wireless impairment system and a base station simula-tor for total testing of mobile receivers and transmitters as specified in IS-98A. The software simplifies complex mobile telephone tests, including demodulation under additive white Gaussian noise and multipath fading conditions, and single-tone desensitization and intermodulation distortion in the presence of interference signals. Based on Windows NT and C++, the program architecture is both flexible and modular, making it easy to add new test modules and upgrades.
Noise Com Inc.,
Paramus, NJ
(201) 261-8797.