Floating-point DSP
The model TMS320C6701 digital signal processor (DSP) is both pin- and code-compatible with the company's fixed-point model TMS320C62x DSP, creating a fixed- and floating-point universal platform architecture that enables 100 percent reuse of fixed-point code for faster time-to-market. The company's new mixed-signal data converter connects to the DSP to provide an advanced DSP solution. The IC operates at one billion floating-point operations per second at 167 MHz. This high performance level allows manufacturers to reduce system chip count from as many as 10 DSP chips down to a single TMS320C6701. Price: $196 each (25,000) packaged in a 352-pin ball grid array. Samples will be available in the near future. Volume quantities will be available in the first half of 1999.
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