HA7402BThe HA7402B phase noise analyzer is a compact and reliable phase noise analysis solution that was designed specifically to meet the need for a phase noise test system that not only has the fastest data acquisition times available and can measure the absolute lowest phase noise floors possible. The user simply supplies 2 frequency matched LOs. The HA7402B provides the PLL tune ports for each LO so that the analyzer can take over with fully automated calibration and data acquisition functions.

External LOs are used with this unique architecture to achieve the lowest phase noise floors as well as blazing fast measurement speeds. Two separate LOs are necessary, as the engine requires non-coherent signals in order to cross correlate. The integrated frequency counters and power meters make the use of external LOs straight forward with a fully automated calibration routine.

The CHASSIS is a 1U high, fan-less design that encases the entire test system. The fully integrated, low power platform removes the need for fan cooling, which also eliminates invalid spurious data caused by microphonics. The integrated chassis is fully sealed, rugged and portable for field applications; providing consistent results from location to location without the worry of recalibration support or repair.

ATE Test Systems have a need for test equipment that is easily to integrate.  Holzworth engineering has designed the API for all our analyzers to operate with both commercial and proprietary automated ATE test programs so that phase noise measurement can be integrated into the performance test process. Yes, it will even run via LabVIEW™.