MD8475A_FrontNew Options for MD8475A Network Simulator Allow Mobile Device Manufacturers to Reduce Cost-of-test and Accelerate Time to Market

Anritsu Company introduces options for its MD8475A Network Simulator platform that support WLAN Offload smartphone testing, creating an accurate and efficient test solution for verifying mobile devices early in the device integration test process. With the options installed, the MD8475A simulates real-world carrier network implementation of industry-standard WLAN Offload functions, such as the Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) and Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG), as well as the Multiple Access PDN Connection (MAPCON) capability.

“Mobile operators are using WLAN Offload to relieve the strain on their networks due to the enormous explosion of data usage. The MD8475A is a cost-effective network connectivity and performance simulator that enables efficient device testing in a single-box solution. This platform will allow mobile device manufacturers to bring their devices to market faster and at a lower cost,” said Pete Alexander, PhD, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company.

For WLAN Offload, the MD8475A and SmartStudio user interface (UI) provide a cost-effective trusted and untrusted connectivity test simulation solution for applications such as web browsing, e-mail, and voice/video. One new option, the basic WLAN Offload software, provides functions for forwarding packets between the mobile device and networks with both trusted non-3GPP Access and untrusted non-3GPP Access authentication functions, as well as for monitoring packets graphically. The ePDG option supports the IKEv2 key exchange procedure and IPsec communications functions for untrusted non-3GPP Access network authentication. A third option, the ANDSF software, supports the function for setting and distributing the system selection policy between 3GPP and WLAN.