As part of its commitment to support global wireless standards, Anritsu Co. announces that it is the market leader in approved test cases for TD-LTE Carrier Aggregation and is the only test company with Global Certification Forum (GCF)-approved TD-LTE test cases in the IMS Voice over LTE (VoLTE)-related technology of aSRVCC. Anritsu’s leading position in these work items, as well as the FDD variant of aSRVCC, was confirmed by GCF at the CAG meeting held October 14-15 in Los Angeles.

The approved test cases are for Anritsu’s industry leading ME7834L Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) Platform. The most recent GCF approval further positions the ME7834L as the most comprehensive test solution for verifying mobile devices worldwide, including test coverage in key technologies for Chinese carriers. 

The Time Division Duplex (TDD) variant of the LTE standard, also known as TD-LTE, has become increasingly important following the award of LTE TDD spectrum licences in China last year. Throughout 2014, leading carriers have been rapidly developing their LTE network capabilities to include cutting-edge technologies of LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation and IMS call features. 

“We’ve been diligent in our efforts to support the needs of Chinese carriers and other members of this ecosystem. The result is industry and carrier approvals of our ME7834L PCT Platform for LTE TDD, FDD and IMS technologies. When this is combined with our continued delivery of ‘world firsts’ in leading-edge test case approvals, Anritsu helps its customers succeed in their goal of bringing new technology to market as quickly as possible,” said Bob Kersey, marketing director of Wireless Testing Solutions for Anritsu Co.

The ME7834L is a test platform used to verify that LTE terminal and base station signaling communication procedures comply with 3GPP standards. It has led the market in GCF and PTCRB LTE protocol validations since 2011. The PCT platform supports market-leading LTE/LTE Advanced and VoLTE technologies, and is widely used for mobile carrier acceptance tests in North America and Asia. It is the ideal flexible test solution meeting most test objectives.