Anritsu Corp. announces its first LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) Carrier Aggregation (CA) test case submissions to RAN 5, demonstrating a strength in protocol conformance that extends across current 2G, 3G, and leading-edge LTE technology. This follows its recent world first in validating RF conformance test cases for CA in PTCRB.  RAN 5 verification paves the way for protocol test validations and the inclusion of this technology in GCF and PTCRB certification.

Carrier Aggregation is the essential next-generation technology. It addresses a growing global demand for mobile data consumption by providing network operators with the ability to increase user data rates coupled with more efficient use of their spectrum allocation. Manufacturers supporting this technology use Protocol Conformance test cases to certify device behavior before network deployment.

Anritsu’s ME7834 Mobile Device Test Platform (MDTP) has been established as the leading platform for GCF- and PTCRB-validated LTE test cases since 2011, providing customers with the greatest access to the tests used in mobile device certification. Coupled with Anritsu’s MD8430A LTE network simulator, which was first to show LTE-A simulation to the world in 2011, Anritsu Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) continues to deliver solutions to current and emerging market requirements.

Anritsu’s ME7834 is a flexible test system focused on both PCT and Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT). Users worldwide have selected the ME7834 for coverage of thousands of LTE and UTRAN test cases to ensure that devices operate properly. This market-leading test capability includes test packages for LTE protocol conformance and carrier acceptance covering multiple North American and Asian operators.  This testing covers multiple leading LTE / LTE-A technologies, including Carrier Aggregation and VoLTE. The ME7834 is GCF- and PTCRB-validated, as well as carrier-approved.