The R&S RTM-K15 history and segmented memory option expands the maximum memory depth of the R&S RTM bench oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz to an unprecedented 460 Msample per channel. The segmented memory has a variable depth ranging from 10 ksample to 20 Msample, enabling acquisition of up to 45,000 individual waveform segments.

The R&S RTM-K15 is especially beneficial when analyzing protocol sequences and pulse packets that include long gaps. The R&S RTM triggers on the relevant data; gaps are skipped so that they do not tie up valuable memory. The timestamp function clearly indicates exactly when the waveforms were acquired. This function allows users, for instance, to acquire I2C data packets over several minutes and then analyze exactly this data at a later point in time.

The ultra segmented mode permits an especially fast rate of acquisition. The short blind time of only 5 µs allows users to trigger on and store signals that appear in quick succession. Users can use this mode to ensure that data in serial protocol or pulse sequences is not lost.

Parameters such as acquisition mode and segment length are very easy to set. The option then automatically calculates how many segments are available. After signal acquisition, users can easily navigate through the acquired waveforms with the history function. In a table, they can directly select the individual segments to be displayed. Alternatively, the history function can be used to automatically play back all segments.

All of the analysis functions offered by R&S RTM oscilloscopes, including QuickMeas, mask tests and cursor measurements, can be used on each acquired segment while in the history and segmented memory mode.

The R&S RTM-K15 history and segmented memory option is now available from Rohde & Schwarz. For more market introduction information, visit: