RADOXÃ?® DATABUS 120 OHM EN cableHUBER + SUHNER now offers 120 ohm databus cables for train communication networks (TCNs). The new RADOX® DATABUS 120 OHM EN satisfy the corresponding databus standards and can thus be used as MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus), WTB (Wire Train Bus) or UIC (International Union of Railways) cables. They use electron-beam crosslinked materials, and are thus particularly well-suited for applications that involve high and low temperatures. In addition, the cables are halogen-free, flame resistant and produce very little smoke in case of fire. With these special characteristics, the cables meet the strict fire safety requirements of EN 45545-2.

Best-in-class transmission characteristics for MVB or WTB applications

The symmetrical 120 ohm data cables have excellent transmission characteristics at high frequencies. As control cables in MVB or WTB applications, they connect the main components of the control system, such as traction control, control command, driver's cab displays, door controls and more. Whereas MVB cables connect the equipment on board the individual carriages, WTB cables ensure data transmission across all the carriages in the entire train.

RADOX® DATABUS 120 OHM EN data cables are suitable for fixed installation in railway vehicles or for use in applications with limited alternate bending loads. The turquoise jacket makes them easily identifiable before, during and after installation.

The cables are available in different design variants (paired, two pairs, four wires, and with optional additional cores).


  • Symmetrical, flexible 120 ohm databus cable
  • Meets the corresponding databus standards
  • Featuring electron-beam crosslinked insulation and sheath material
  • Excellent transmission characteristics
  • Complies with EN 45545-2
  • Dimensionally stable, even under extremely high and low temperatures
  • Halogen-free, low-smoke
  • Easy to strip and resistant to soldering
  • Easily recognisable by turquoise colour