DC - 2 GHz DSP Radio Receiver
The model Collins 95S-1A digital signal processing (DSP) radio receiver is designed for communications and surveillance applications, spanning the 5 kHz to 2000 MHz range in 1 Hz steps. The remotely tunable receiver uses state-of-the-art direct-conversion receiver DSP technology to attain low noise, spurious-free, high performance reception of AM, FM, CW, SSB and ISB signals in 75 bandwidths ranging from 100 Hz to 300 kHz. Calibrated signal power measurements make the receiver suitable for test and measurement applications. Software upgrades are installed to internal flash memory via the serial control port. The compact rack-mount receiver operates from 85 to 240 V AC or 9 to 16 V DC at 22 W (max). Delivery: stock to 90 days, depending on quantity.
Rockwell International Corp.,
Cedar Rapids, IA
(319) 295-5100.

EW Trainer System
This electronic warfare (EW) system incorporates a microwave receiver with pulse analyzer capability, a threat simulator, high power microwave amplifiers and tape storage to enable mission information to be played back to the aircrew and range operators for later detailed analysis. The complete system is controlled by a rugged flat-screen computer. System facilities include EW operator/aircrew training, EW system testing, radar operator/aircrew training, radar system testing and database additions/electronic intelligence database.
Thorn Microwave Devices Ltd. (TMD),
Hayes, Middlesex, UK
+44 (0) 181 581 5002.