Microwave-absorbing Urethane Foams
The Eccosorb types QR-12 and QR-13 fire-retardant broadband microwave-absorbing urethane foams are certified to the UL-94 HF-2 standard. The urethane foams effectively kill cavity resonances over the 1 to 25 GHz frequency range. Applied to the cover of microwave power amplifiers, oscillators, low noise blocks and other microwave telecommunications equipment, the foams improve performance by absorbing unwanted or stray radiation. Both products are available with a peel-stick adhesive. QR-12 foam is recommended for use in modules operating in the 6 to 25 GHz range; QR-13 foam for the 1 to 12 GHz frequencies. The foams also are available in cut-to-order shapes, with or without the adhesive.
Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Inc.,
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Waterproof Microwave Absorber
The type MAC-6700 double-sided microwave absorber is designed to reduce extraneous reflection in outdoor antenna test ranges and radar cross-section test facilities. The material's RF absorption covers the 9 to 20 GHz frequency band with an attenuation of '15 dB or better. The absorber is supplied in standard rectangular panels or custom-fitted covers. The material features good flexibility with a corrosion-resistant, ruggedized, durable outer cover. The material also can be used to reduce coupling or interference between adjacent transmitting antennas. The thickness of the material is less than 0.75" and weight is less than 1 lb per square foot.
Millimeter Wave Technology Inc.,
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