Cable Assembly BuilderSan-tron has announced the launch of their new website that features a robust product finder, which pulls from San-tron’s extensive library of RF and microwave coaxial connectors and adapters, as well as a simple, user-friendly cable assembly builder. Both tools feed into their new “My Quote” system, which allows multiple products to be added at once including a new custom quote option.

Using San-tron’s ultra-simple Cable Builder, subsystem engineers can easily select their desired flexible, hand formable, or semi-rigid cable type, add the RF coaxial connectors of their choice and specify unique performance needs such as low loss, low PIM, pressurized, or other high performance traits.

To use the Product Finder an engineer or purchasing agent can simply select a connector type from a product category and can then jump into San-tron’s robust product library. In addition, downloadable data sheets in PDF file format are listed for all connector and adapter models.

The new site offers information on San-tron’s most innovative product lines including: eSeries, their mechanically and electrically optimized, high-performance connectors; S292 Series, their connector solutions for 40 GHz or K-band applications; SRX Series, their low-PIM line of cable assemblies and adapters which now includes mini-DIN (4.1/9.5); and lastly, pSeries, their newest line of pressurized connectors that no longer employ failure-prone O-rings.