Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) has announced the availability of Optenni Lab 3.0 through the worldwide CST sales network. The new release sees a tighter integration between Optenni Lab and CST STUDIO SUITE®, streamlining electromagnetic simulation and matching circuit optimization into one, easy-to-use workflow.

Optenni Lab is a tool used for matching circuit generation and antenna analysis. The latest version introduces new features alongside performance improvements, making the antenna design process easier and more versatile.

Optenni Lab 3.0 offers an improved link to CST STUDIO SUITE, including new post-processing templates that enable the optimization of matching circuits by Optenni Lab within a parameter sweep or optimization loop in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®. Also, the optimization of matching circuits that contain e.g. tunable capacitors, impedance tuners and switchable elements to support frequency tunable matching circuits, is now possible.

Another feature of Optenni Lab 3.0 is the real-time connection to network analyzers. With this connection, real-time optimization of matching circuits using measurements from certain Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz network analyzers can be completed and the bandwidth potential and electromagnetic isolation calculated.