Ensemble IO Mezzanine SeriesThe Ensemble® IOM-200 (IO Mezzanine) XMC module and IOR-280 RTM from Mercury Computer Systems provide the industry’s leading 10 Gbps ethernet IO density. When two IOM-200s are configured with the IOR-280 rear transition module (RTM), up to eight channels of 10 Gbps Ethernet can be supported per 6 U open VPX slot.


  • Up to eight 10GbE channels per 6U OpenVPX slot 
  • Rear Transition Module available supports two IOM-200 XMCs 
  • Includes high-performance user programmable FPGA 
  • Mercury-provided Intel-based drivers supported under Linux


  • Industry-leading Quad 10Gbps Ethernet IO density 
  • Leverages open standards to ensure interoperability 
  • Applications can be partitioned across FPGAs and CPU processors for maximum effectiveness 
  • Simultaneous enables real-time IO and digital signal processing tasks


FPGA Compute nodes
FPGA processor: Altera® Stratix GX 230/360HF (industrial, mid speed grade).
Number of FPGAs: 1

Capacity per FPGA: 32 MB
Bandwidth per FPGA: 11.26 GB/s full-duplex (peak)

Capacity: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 6.4 GB/s (peak)

Flash memory
Capacity: 64 MB (typically 3–4 bit stream images)

PCIe ports to host processor Gen 2 x4 or x8

Fiber links (with RTM assembly)
4 pair at 10 Gbps each, full-duplex .850 nm multi-mode fiber with a single QSFP+ module connector.
Total bandwidth: 40 Gbps on each direction.

LVDS port
8 pairs at 500 Mbps each to J16 XMC connector.
Total bandwidth: 500 MB/s RTM assembly
IOR-280 provides 8 QSFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet
ports with two IOM-200s configured.

Open Standards
IOM-200 Vita 42 XMC, Vita 42.3 PCIe
IOR-280 Vita 46.10 RTM

Supported Configurations
Ensemble SBC6521 Single Board Computer
Ensemble LDS6520 Low Density Server

Electrical/Mechanical Specifications
Power: 25 W (GX230HF), 28W (GX360HF) (high typical, depends largely on application IP)
Dimensions: VITA 42.0, single-width, shortened-depth XMC format

Environmental Specifications

Air-cooled Version
Minimum airflow** (per slot at sea level) TBD
     Operating -0°C to +40°C 
     Storage -40°C to +85°C
Rate of Change: N/A
Humidity: 10-90% (non-condensing)
     Random 0.003G²/Hz, based on 
               20 to 2,000Hz, 1 hr/axis 
     Shock 20G Z-axis, 32G X&Y-axis, 
               11 msec, half-sine pulse, 
               3-Positive and 3-Negative 
     Operating 0 to 10,000 ft 
     Storage 0 to 30,000 ft 
     Salt/Fog Consult factory

Conduction-cooled version
Consult factory