HOPKINTON, MA, June 8, 2007 – Valpey Fisher Corporation (AMEX:VPF) today introduced the VFJA432 and VFJA434 integrated timing modules for Synchronous Ethernet. Valpey Fisher is the first in the industry to offer quartz crystal-based integrated timing modules that provide a single chip solution for the reliable synchronization of Ethernet Networks. Ethernet has offered carriers a simple, low cost alternative to SONET transport networks for some time. The problem with packet-based Ethernet is it’s an asynchronous architecture. Valpey Fisher’s VFJA432 and VFJA434 timing modules can synchronize an Ethernet physical layer to a telecom network timing reference while generating a 0.18 picosecond jitter Ethernet clock. The VFJA432 and VFJA434 Jitter Attenuators can synchronize to common telecom frequencies such as 8KHz and 19.44MHz from the backplane or common Ethernet frequencies such as 25MHz and 125MHz from the physical layer. The input frequency is selectable from four preset frequencies. Once the timing module synchronizes to the input frequency, The VFJA432 and VFJA434 can provide dual and quad output frequencies, respectively, from 10MHz to 200MHz. About Valpey Fisher Corporation Valpey Fisher Corporation (AMEX: VPF) is a world leading technology company specializing in low noise timing solutions. From discrete high precision crystal oscillators to highly integrated low noise timing modules, Valpey Fisher offers its customers a broad array of frequency control products needed in advanced applications including cellular base stations, broadband datacom infrastructure, avionics instrumentation, homeland security equipment, and military defense systems. Valpey Fisher is an ISO-9001:2000 approved organization with its corporate headquarters located in a 32,000 square foot research, engineering and manufacturing facility in Hopkinton, MA.