UltraSource, Inc. announced that it has developed a reduced cost plugged via option called PolyVia.  PolyVia was recently showcased at the IEEE-IMS, Tampa Bay, on June 3-5.  The PolyVia product is a polyimide-based plugged via option that customers can add to their plated-through hole designs in order to stop epoxy or solder bleed-thru during assembly operations.

Michael Casper, President  & CEO of UltraSource, said “our customers are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase performance, especially for their lower cost commercial products.  We spent the last six months developing a low cost but highly reliable polyimide plugged via.  We are confident that the PolyVia will allow our customers to be more competitive by eliminating rework at assembly operations – avoiding the need for a more costly metal filled via system.”

UltraSource is excited to offer the new technology PolyVia system which eliminates epoxy or solder bleed-through but at a much lower cost than pure metal filled via products like UltraVia, CopperVia, or Hi-Rel CopperVia that UltraSource offers.

Performance Benefits of PolyVia:

  • Eliminates mess and rework associated with epoxy or solder “bleed-through” that can occur during die & housing assembly from plated-through holes or slots
  • Excellent adhesion to thin film gold and other metals
  • Superior thermal resistance, unaffected by typical assembly temperatures (up to 320°C)
  • Excellent resistance to many solvents
  • Low Cost

The new PolyVia will provide a flexible, reliable technology that enables the realization of low cost, high performance DC/RF/microwave, and optical structures. The PolyVia is a new technology that has been added to the UltraSource Technology Platform, which provides customers with the most comprehensive suite of thin film solutions available anywhere.

To discuss your specific design and application needs, contact UltraSource at www.UltraSource.com or (800) 742-9410.