Automated Test Software
The model CATS-98A CDMA automated test software is designed for total testing of mobile receivers and transmitters as specified in IS-98A. The software integrates the company's WIS-98A wireless impairment system and a base station simulator. The software also simplifies complex mobile telephone tests, including demodulation under additive white Gaussian noise and multipath fading conditions, and single-tone desensitization and imtermodulation distortion in the presence of interference signals. Based on Windows NT" and C++, the program architecture is both flexible and modular, making it easy to add new test modules and upgrades. Calibration is permitted to include consideration of RF cable losses in the test system.
Noise Com,
Paramus, NJ (201) 261-8797.

Design and Analysis Software
EHDPLXR Windows 95-/NT-based E- and H-plane waveguide diplexer/filter design and analysis software uses rigorous electromagnetic modeling. The software can design and analyze 16 different diplexer and filter configurations, including E-plane filters with and without substrates of any thickness, as well as iris, septum, double-septum, round-rod and double-round-rod filters. The program runs on a Pentium machine with a minimum of 16 MB of RAM.
Polar Waves Consulting,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (306) 934-6688.