Cirexx International is presenting the new ECLIPS technology this week at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) at the Tampa Convention Center.  ECLIPS (Embedded Cooling Layer – Integrated Power System) is a system of producing high-power RF and microwave Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) employing an embedded low-CTE, thermally engineered metalized layer which has superior thermal conductivity characteristics.

This technology replaces the need for bulky, heavy heat sinking schemes around the high-power devices and ceramic hybrid packages.  And since the item is essentially a Printed Circuit Board, made from otherwise typical Printed Circuit Board materials, the other electronic components in the design and on the board can be standard “plastic parts” attached in a standard process such as a vapor phase soldering.  This results in an electronic board system that is smaller, lighter weight, and certainly much less costly than the ceramic hybrid, all-die alternative.

Don Kaufman and Al Wasserzug are presenting the ECLIPS technology in Booth 1807 on the show floor.  They have hard copy and electronic literature as well as examples for attendees to see and discuss.