806 - 902 MHz Directional Yagi Antenna
The model PC804N directional Yagi antenna provides for reception and transmission in the 806 to 902 MHz frequency band and is designed to be completely weatherproof. Complete weatherproofing is achieved by enclosing the feed system in a potted PVC radome that will stand up to the most demanding weather elements. The pigtail feed will withstand a 50-pound pull, ensuring reliability. The antenna has no movable components and provides a minimum of 6 dBd gain with a nominal 90° x 70° half-power beamwidth. SWR is < 1.5 on 50 W impedance. All hardware is stainless steel. The elements are completely welded to the boom to enhance electrical performance and eliminate electrical noise. Length: 13" (33 cm). Weight: 1.12 lb (0.50 kg). Mounting hardware is included.
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.

Dual-band Base Station Antenna
The model 9707-800 low profile, compact antenna operates at both 2450 and 912 MHz and is suitable for PCS-/WLAN-band applications. Polarization is circular and SWR is 1.5 (max). The antenna has a type-N female (2) RF connection. Size: 10" high x 8" wide x 1.5" thick.
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Cohasset, MA (781) 383-9722.