Remtec Inc., the leading manufacturer of substrates and packages using plated copper on thick film (PCTF) metallization, has adapted its gold-tin plating technology on metallized ceramics to include a newly developed technique of selectively applying AuSn deposits for interconnecting RF and microwave electronic components, lead frames and other miniature parts on high frequency PC boards.  The proprietary new process replaces the commonly used, labor intensive method of placing and fastening gold tin solder performs on organic boards. Remtec widely applied the same process to ceramic substrates, metals and metal alloys such as kovar or copper tungsten.

 Recent material advances with ceramic loaded organic boards (RO3000™ Laminates and others) that can withstand processing temperatures in access of   300oC made gold tin application a possibility much like ceramic circuits, metal and metal alloy sheets. The use of Remtec's time-proven gold tin plating capabilities to selectively apply solder on board materials makes electronic assembly significantly less costly and oftentimes  serves as an enabling solution for assembly of tiny parts and components on  "hard to get" places on circuit boards.

 Remtec's new process provides final products in multiple-image panels selectively gold tin plated on one or both sides ready for circuit etching and automatic assembly. Otherwise, parts can be etched and supplied in individual circuits. This method permits higher circuit density and lower cost assembly operations and aims to meet the continuing growing demands for miniaturization and higher performance required in today's' high density electronic applications.